Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Hi all and and welcome to my fresh fresh blog. Here I'll be posting bits and pieces which don't make it on my new website. It's so new that it's actually not even up yet, but you'll be able to browse through that in a couple of days' time by clicking here. I will meanwhile post some stuff I've been doing recently.

I'm currently working on some comic work for the National Museum of Archaeology in Malta for the newly inaugurated Bronze Age section. The picture above is one of the final images. I rarely ever used colour in the few comic doodlings I've done before and having to use colour made me feel slightly unsettled. I tried a couple of approaches different to my previous work which eventually evolved into this ink layering technique, partly inspired by Jon Mc Naught's lovely lithograph work.


Apart from the above I've been mostly occupied with moving to London and hanging out at UCA Maidstone's D&AD New Blood stand where I had some work in a folder.


 Hasta la proxima!

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