Sunday, July 1, 2012

Work for sale at Patches Market, Malta

Next Sunday the 8th of July will see yet another installment of the now firmly established Patches - Malta's handmade product market (which is, by the way, run by my camera hugging/brush wielding sister Denise Scicluna). This will be I believe the 11th edition yet, and as much as I've always wanted to take part I've never really had much of anything to sell really. Up until now that is. 

So, this time round I'll be having a stall at the market. I will be selling some prints and books of mine but the exciting bit for me is that I will also be selling works by other Maltese (or related) graphic artists. These include - Ken Borg, Thomas Cuschieri, Adrian Gauci and Sara de la Mora. We'll be selling a variety of graphic goodies ranging from prints (riso and screen), artist and comic books, postcards, accessories etc, most of which I believe is going to have been available in Malta for the first time.

For my part, I will be having 3 or 4 new risoprints, a selection of postcards and copies of my book The Birth of Culture up for sale (see pics below). If you're not in Malta at the time then of course do please get in touch if interested in copies of the prints or the book, but for you graphic and illustration enthusiasts who will be in Malta at the time - we expect to see you there!