Saturday, December 20, 2014

2014 > 2015

With my last blog post dating back a year, it's pretty clear that I don't really need this blog anymore. 

The first half of this year was for the most part consumed by the audiovisual mix project I set up called Intertext Editions. It's on hold at the moment, but it may well come back at some point when I have some more time. As much as I enjoyed curating the project and having the chance to collaborate with friends, the whole thing was quite draining and at times bordering on the obsessive. The whole idea of Intertext was basically born from the fact that I barely had any space to draw and create and was too broke to hire even a cheap studio, so moving to something web-based was my solution to that. That's London life for you. 

I'm happy to say that since then I have managed to obtain a little space of my own and have revived my Lefty Le Mur guise. I relaunched my website and am now tweeting about my activities again. With conditions looking up, it's been possibly to finally start working on some projects that have long been gathering dust in my to-do list. First up is a publication about cities. I've got big plans for it and I aim to have something done by mid-2015.

Meanwhile, this blog. I've decided not to kill it entirely but rather start using it as a place where to publish more academic-ish stuff. Like talking about influences, new discoveries, visual culture etc. I've got a long list of subjects i wish to talk about more and explore further. But alas, with my memory as good as a well-oiled slide, this blog will be appointed as my memory bank, so to speak. 

Exciting times ahead in Lemuria for 2015 then! Can't wait.

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